Snapshot Sunday: Abstract glue

Alright, I have to admit that I’m a bit late with this Snapshot since it’s Monday already. But still I wanted to share this with you.

As a biology teacher I now and then have to use a microscope. This time our class was observing plant tissue, which is nice to look at for sure. However, I always try to find parts within or around the specimen that please me aesthetically.
Here you see a 400x magnified bit of glue that is used to keep the coverslip on the slide. I did made it black and white to make it look more dramatic, even abstract and reminiscent of Max Cooper tracks.




Snapshot Sunday: Coffee beans

Let’s be honest: I’m an espresso addict. Grinding my own beans is a daily activity and about four espresso’s a day enter my oesophagus. Therefore, I decided to use my Lavazza Rossa beans for a little experiment this week!


Snapshot Sunday: Canopy

After a day “at the office” I sat down on the couch in my living room, opened up the Netflix App on my television and stared outside for a second. I was struck by the beautiful evening skies  contrasted by the black, empty lines of leafless trees.

As some of you might know, I’m a birdwatcher and I do have a spotting scope in my living room,  ready to observe bird migration and local birds. This time, I decided to aim it at the picturesque scene and took a photography through the lens of my scope (this technique is often used by birders and is called digiscoping). By cropping and increasing the contrast of the picture I created a sort of Abstract Expressionist photos. To a certain extent they resemble works of Jackson Pollock to me! However, I should try to make the images sharper still.

I personally like the ones with a lot of blackness most. What about you?

Snapshot Sunday: Folds

I’m glad I made it again, another Snapshot Sunday!

This week I’ve been very busy and I could not think about, or let alone complete, this weeks Snapshot project. Yesterday evening I decided to pick one subject to work with in order to work time efficient. At first I wondered whether I just complicated my project this week, but it turned out to be a great decision.

I decided to work with a towel. Why a towel? Well, first of all I didn’t had to look for one! But more important, a towel can be changed to different forms very easily and its texture will always bring nice effects to your photos. It’s almost like producing fabric landscapes with bridges, plains, mountains and caves!
Which one is your favourite? Mine is definitely fold number 3: The Chinese wall!

Snapshot Sunday: Leaves

No messing around with paints or brushes, just a click and some adjustments!

I truly enjoyed last week’s project Snapshot Sunday: On the edge. I tried to capture abstract images of edges and surfaces in my living room. Because it was such an easy accessible form of creativity, I decided to make the Snapshot Sunday a reoccurring event on Explarts.

Today’s theme might be a bit too mainstream for my liking but nevertheless I tried to create unique content. I just had to do leaves, it’s autumn isn’t it?


Snapshot Sunday: On the edge

Armed with a Samsung Galaxy S4 I wandered through my living room this morning. My espresso still waiting to be poured I shot my first pictures of very dull things like walls and washing racks.

I have been looking for abstract images this Sunday morning. In about ten minutes I got myself some pictures, poured my espresso and sat down to make some adjustments with a Microsoft Office program. Honestly, it could not be easier! I dare you to give it a try yourself and leave the results in the comment section!

My personal favourites are the walls, which I believe to have a hint of Rotko’s color field paintings. Furthermore, I like the complexity of the lamps.
Which image is your favourite?