Second Canvas

Lucky me, I joined a contest on Mauritshuis’s Twitter and won their brand new App called Second Canvas! Time to write a brief review!

Second Canvas is an App developed for Mauritshuis, one of the most prominent Dutch museums situated in The Hague. The App can be bought in the Appstore or Google Play store (price: €1.99 November 2016).

This App is able to provide you with a true museum experience. Second Canvas is all about details and allows you to observe every inch of canvas like you were standing right in front of the original artwork. Furthermore, some paintings have an option to view infra-red images of underlying layers, an audio tour and texts describing the depicted scenes.

The details are simply breathtaking. Bugs on the leaves of an apple tree, flies on Potter’s cow, the tiniest craquelure and chips of paint on Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring, the subtle yellow brush strokes on the Goldfinch’s wing, the vivid paleness of skins painted by Rembrandt.

Right now the following paintings are fully featured:

  1. Johannes Vermeer – Girl with a Pearl Earring
  2. Rubens and Brueghel – The Garden of Eden
  3. Rembrandt – The Anatomy Lesson

Seven other paintings do have text descriptions, but do not have the full range of options. Hopefully Mauritshuis will add more paintings in the near future.
Still, I’d rate this fabulous App with its future potentials and great features a solid four stars!



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